1 One of the few locations with south-facing beaches on the Adriatic coast, Grado offers two choices: a small public, downmarket, amenities-free local beach, and a more expansive beach that charges an entrance fee but provides all the amenities you could wish for. Don’t forget your sunscreen – the sun around here can be fierce.

2 Grado was declared the official health resort for the Hapsburg Empire by Emperor Francis Joseph back in 1892. The famous Grado wellness centre with its thermal baths and health spa is conveniently located right on the beach where your every ailment will be seen to.

3 Just 11km north of Grado is Aquileia. Once one of the biggest cities in the Roman Empire, it was founded in 181BC and the remains of its market, river harbour and Basilica make for an interesting trip for those with a proclivity for things archaeological.

4 As with any coastal European city worth its salt, Grado’s quaint old town is dotted with numerous trattorias and restaurants serving fresh seafood and local wines. The region’s speciality is a tasty fish stew called the Boreto.

5 Grado emerged as a fishing village, partly due to the proximity of the large lagoon that forms the town’s northern coast. Fishermen still ply the waters on a daily basis and if that’s your thing, rent a boat and go fishing or just cruise around the lagoon and explore its endless little waterways, some of which lead all the way to Venice.

The essentials

Time from London 2 hours
Getting there Easyjet fly to Trieste – from here it is a 30-minute drive by car or bus.
What to say Un’ altra birra per favore (another beer please)
Price of a beer: €2-€2.50