Looking for a lucrative affiliate niche to tap into? Then lotteries could be the answer. In 2015-16, the UK lottery industry generated almost £3.7 billion, accounting for 27 percent of the whole gambling market’s gross yield. Since many lotteries can now be played online, lottery affiliate schemes are becoming an attractive prospect. With that in mind, here are five top reasons to start a lottery affiliate business and how to set one up. 

1) The lottery has mass appeal

The lottery is one of the oldest, most well-known forms of gambling and also the most culturally accepted. Unlike casinos and sports betting, there’s no social stigma attached to playing and national lotteries are even seen as trusted institutions that give back to good causes. While the odds of winning are remote, cheap ticket prices and big jackpots make playing the lottery a low-risk, yet potentially high-reward, activity. This mass appeal makes a lottery affiliate business a reliable, profitable option. 

2) There are hundreds of lotteries around the world

There are many lotteries in the UK and around the world that offer large prizes and are easy to enter from any location, including Polish, Spanish, US and German lotteries. This means that you have dozens of potential affiliate links to place on your website to maximise your earnings. In addition, there are lottery affiliate sites such as Income Access, Lottoland and Mylotto which you can use to find and join affiliate schemes and manage your earnings. 

3) Low competition 

The lottery is one of the least competitive slices in the gambling industry pie. While casino, bingo, poker and sports betting sites have been flourishing for years, playing the lottery online is a relatively new trend and many government lotteries around the world are only just moving online. This means that lottery-related keywords are less competitive than others in the gambling industry, so it’s an easier niche to monetise. 

4) High player retention

It’s been reported that over 32 million people, that’s nearly 70 percent of UK adults, play the lottery regularly. So, once someone has signed up to a lottery website through your affiliate link, they’re likely to keep playing for months. Considering that many affiliate schemes offer lifetime commission, this means that you’ll keep making a reliable income from every person you sign up. In addition, lottery websites do a great job of retaining customers by offering discounts for continued play and special offers.

5) It’s an easy, passive form of income

One of the benefits of starting any affiliate business is that it’s simple and cheap to set up. All you need to pay for is a website domain and hosting, which typically costs less than £100. With WordPress and plenty of chic, free themes and plugins, it’s easier than ever to create a good-looking website. Here’s how the process works in three easy steps:

  • Set up a website and create lottery-related content. Use SEO techniques to boost your web presence such as link-building and optimising your content.

  • Join lottery affiliate schemes and place their links on your website. You can also use Facebook, Twitter and other social channels to promote your affiliate links.

  • You’ll make money every time a visitor from your site clicks through, signs up and starts playing the lottery. Affiliate schemes typically pay a set amount for each new sign-up, as well as lifetime commission on the amount each customer spends on playing.

Although there’s work involved in creating good content that’s well optimised, once you’ve set up your website and inserted lottery affiliate links, you can start earning passive income.

Depending on how much time you want to put into your lottery affiliate business, you can track, tweak and test your link strategies to maximise your income.