Jorge Perez of Leigh Acres, Fla. forgot that the gun was loaded with a flare when he shot it into the ground, causing the flare to ricochet off of the turf and back up into his genitals.

Lee County officers were called to Perez’s house where they found him suffering from severe burns and lacerations to his crotch.

Mr Perez can no doubt empathise with the pain of a young man who shot part of his scrotum off with a firework while celebrating last Fourth of July, (quite why his twig and berries were exposed at the time is still a matter of some debate).

Indeed it seems men (particularly in the ‘Americas’) seem to shoot themselves in the bollocks with a kind of depressing, eye watering regularity.

Indeed Mr Perez can take solace in the fact that his groin/gun related incident is less embarrassing than that of the Trinidadian security guard who accidentally shot his penis off in January only to be subsequently arrested by police for carrying an illicitly concealed weapon.

In comparison with that Mr Perez got off comparatively easy, at least he’ll walk out of that hospital a free man… Even if he does have a bit of a hitch in his step.

Image: Gettys