Flight Of The Conchords could soon be back, with negotiations apparently underway to take a live version of the TV series to Australia and New Zealand next year.

US comedian Arj Barker, who plays philosophising stoner Dave in the Grammy-winning hit, has been trying to persuade Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement to tour a stage show Down Under.

Confirmation of such a move would be music to the ears of FOTC fans worldwide and could lead to some new material from the popular cast – perhaps even a movie.

“I wouldn’t say it’s impossible that they won’t do something again, maybe a movie or a one-off or something,” Barker said.

“I wouldn’t rule it out because the band Flight Of The Conchords has never broken up.”

Creators Mckenzie and Clement retired the HBO TV series last year after its second season, with the story’s hapless lead charactersreturning home to New Zealand after failing to break through New York’s ruthless music scene.

They have since been revived for successful stage shows in the UK and the US, and may be about to take off again.

“Brett and Jemaine have talked about touring Australia and New Zealand maybe next year but I don’t know, it’s a possibility,” Barker said.

“I always tell them they should come down here because the live show would go down really well.”

Heavy workloads appear to be the biggest hurdle – Clement is currently filming for his role as the lead villain in Men In Black 3-D while McKenzie is involved in the music for a forthcoming Muppets movie, which will also feature  FOTC’s Kristen Scaal (Mel.


“I don’t know when we’ll work together again but I imagine we will in some capacity,” Barker said.