Queensland residents have been advised not to enter the flood-waters surrounding their towns an cities since dangerous, and possibly deadly, animals could be lurking beneath the surface.

Ian Stephen, who works as the reptile and amphibian specialist at the Zoological Society of London, explained that the animals behaviour was likely to change in their new surroundings and presented a danger to residents.

Speaking to the BBC he said: “Their whole landscape has changed.

“Snakes have been reported to be a lot more cranky but with the crocs, it will bring them more into contact with people. Before, they were just restricted to estuaries and not that far inland, in the major rivers, but now their habitat is just massive,” Stephen continued.

Queensland is one of the world’s hotspots for venomous snakes including the Common Brown snake, the Death adder, the Coastal Taipan, as well as the saltwater crocodile.