The undefeated world champion boxer and richest athlete in the world’s reaction was priceless when he was visiting a haridresser in London’s Brixton, as seen in the below video. 

Mayweather is baffled when the woman simply doesn’t know who he is, clearly not accustomed to a person not fawning over him such was was his entourage packed into the salon. 

“I don’t know you, so what’s the big deal,” the woman, our new hero by the way, says. 

“You got TV,” Mayweather says, before bragging that he makes $100m in an hour. 

The woman wasn’t a complete sporting numpty either, perfectly aware of the identity of the fastest man of all time – Jamaican Usain Bolt. 

In their rather awkward, and bizarrely desperate on Mayweather’s part, conversation though the main issue at hand isn’t addressed …

Why is a bald man getting a haircut?

Image via Youtube