There are fears that more than 20 victims of abuse were taken to the cottage, located in the Scottish countryside near the historic Glencoe and the town of Fort William.

“It’s now looking possible that Jimmy Savile was one of the most prolific sex offenders the NSPCC has ever come across.” said Peter Watt of the NSPCC, who have received 161 calls from people claiming they were abused by the TV and radio star.

A source from the police told the Sunday Mail over the weekend “We have a list and the house in the Highlands is on it. It is near the top of the list.”

The cottage, named Allt na Reigh, has remained untouched since Savile’s death last year.

“Of course this house will be an important part of the investigation because they will need to find out if there is any evidence in there for a start. They will be looking for anything at all that might incriminate him.” ex-Strathclyde Police chief inspector Nanette Pollock told The Daily Record.

Savile once hosted Prince Charles at the house, which is located more than a mile away from any other homes in the area, for a dinner party.

In more revelations yesterday, former Conservative minister Edwina Currie claimed that Savile and deputy chairman of the Conservative party at the time, Sir Peter Morrison, had sex with 16-year-old boys.

Currie told The Times “Was he doing anything illegal? Almost certainly. Would it be illegal today? Hard to tell now the age of consent is down to 16.”

Main image: Jimmy Savile with ex British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher supporting the NSPCC (Getty images)