Well, fear not you bagel-loving borough dwellers!

New York City has teamed up with AT&T to install 25 solar-powered charging stations for public use, available for free in parks and beaches across the five boroughs over the summer.

The program launched at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn (the spiritual home of Instagram) on Tuesday.

The “Street Charge” stations will be in place in New York until September, but if the pilot goes well they could become a permanent fixture.

The idea actually came about after Superstorm Sandy, not from one hipster’s FOMO like you’d expect. 

Lack of power after the storm left New Yorkers desperately searching for somewhere to charge their phones to contact friends and loved ones.

The blackout led people to walk for miles or line up to use daisy chained power strips.

“After Sandy we met with the mayor and asked what we could do to help,” she said.

“This technology is designed for both good times and bad.

AT&T is paying for the stations, with no cost to the city.

Image: Getty