According to a survey Down Under, the Great Australian Sex Census, has revealed that given the chance four in ten people would like to have sex with a friend’s partner. However, monogamy is still a big factor on most people’s minds – two-thirds of people asked have said they plan to stay with their partner out of love, despite the lack of bedroom thrills. Sadly, 44 per cent of people are unsatisfied with their sex life.

Over half the men who’ve taken part in the saucy census said they were ‘turned off’ by fake boobs, and 5 per cent have admitted they’d like to experiment with a transvestite. The poll also revealed that one in ten women would like to star in their very own porn film.

Last year, Channel 4 in the UK surveyed 7500 people for The Great British Sex Survey and came up with some very bizarre statistics. These included the claim that 24% of Iceland shoppers have had an STI, a figure much higher than other supermarkets. It also claimed that Welsh people were more likely to cheat on their partners compared with other parts of the UK.

The poll won’t be offline until the start of February, so there’s still time for horny Aussies to tell all.