Company cars can be purchased in almost every make and model you can imagine, for use by both part-time and full-time staff  – just check out the for some ideas.  But while most people believe that only high flying salesmen are lucky enough to have a company car, this isn’t exactly true.  Here are four top careers that often come with a company car.

Upper management

Okay, this career may be the most obvious choice for getting a company car, but it’s a career that every businessman and woman can strive for.  There are many upper management jobs that require staff members to have company cars, with executive management positions being the most common.  The main reason for this is the need to “keep up appearances”.  Whilst most upper management staff don’t necessarily need a car for work, companies often like to provide staff with them to show their business competitors that their business is successful… Bear in mind your employer might not be all too keen on you trashing the car with fag butts and biscuit packets if you’re expected to give lifts to clients.

Car dealerships

Working for a car dealership in almost any capacity usually comes with a company car.  Car dealerships often use company cars as a way to market to the general public.  By placing advertising decals onto their cars, they are able to advertise to the public cheaply and easily.  In addition, when a staff member has experience of a car, they are able to talk about it with clients more enthusiastically and with first hand knowledge.

Jobs where travel is involved

Jobs that require an employee to travel frequently, such as those related to sales and marketing, also often come with a company car.  Many companies realise that it’s unfair to ask a staff member to utilise their own vehicle for company reasons, especially when they are also responsible for the fuel costs and the cost of maintenance.  Providing staff with a company car boosts morale and stops employees from becoming disgruntled due to having to pay for maintenance costs. If you don’t mind driving on a regular basis then keep a look out for sales jobs that require travel.

Labour workers

Have you secretly always wanted to be a white van man? Well we don’t blame you, as there are many perks to the job. Employees who perform some form of labour, such as electricians, landscapers and plumbers, are often provided with a company car or van.  This is because they usually need to start work early, and are expected to be available on an emergency basis.  If someone’s pipe bursts, a plumber doesn’t want to waste time driving to a company depot in order to pick up a van, so having their own transport is necessary.  And, as most of these positions require a lot of tools, it’s best for them to be provided with a company van, rather than be expected to use their own.

Keep in mind that whenever you are applying for a job that requires you to use your own car, you can try to negotiate a company car as part of your job.  Many employers will be willing to do this if you ask them, so unless you want to pay for the fuel and maintenance on your own car when you use it at work, approach the topic with confidence.

There are also other professions that can result in a company car, so keep your eyes and ears open for an ideal opportunity, and don’t be afraid to ask.