While a good number of people choose to buy or sell their homes on their own, there’s no denying that a real estate agent can make life easier for you. The process of buying a home is more than just checking out real estate listings in Calgary and paying for the property, so having an expert by your side can come in handy.

However, not all agents can help you. In some cases, they will be more of a hassle than anything else. So how can you tell if it’s a time to change your real estate agent? Here are four signs you should look for:

1. They aren’t professional.

The first thing that you can expect from your agent is that they will help you find a good property in. They shouldn’t come late to appointments, cancel viewings, miss your calls, or fail at delivering the services you have agreed on getting. They don’t have to go above and beyond but it’s also not much to ask them to do their job.

2. You can’t agree on important things.

While your agent shouldn’t be a pleaser, they also shouldn’t be too disagreeable. If this is the case, there’s a good chance that they’re not helping you find what you want.

Of course, this is a very subjective issue because there’s a good chance that it’s you who’s not being open to professional advise. So assess the situation carefully before making a call.

3. They’re very pushy.

Real estate agents are great salespeople but it doesn’t mean that they should be pushy. Sometimes, you’ll find some professionals who are advocating hard for a specific property and that’s never a good sign. Your agent should never push you to a corner and pressure you into choosing properties. You should be able to decide on your own since it’s your money that you’ll be spending anyway.

4. You get stressed at the notion of seeing or hearing from them.

You don’t have to be excited to see your agent, but you also shouldn’t feel anxious or stressed out about it. If you feel this way it means that you’re not in good terms with the person, so it’s better to just cut your losses and move on.

Switching Agents

If you managed to tick all of the boxes above, then it’s a sure sign that you need to find a new agent. Doing this shouldn’t be too hard, especially if you did your homework and made sure that you have a release agreement with your agent.

Make sure to let them know you’re dropping them. They may not have been professional in dealing with you but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t afford them your courtesy. They might learn a thing or two from working with you.

In cases of verbal agreements, letting them know that you’re requesting a release should be enough. If you signed papers, you might have to go through a release process that shouldn’t be costly if you read your contract before signing it.

Don’t be afraid to say goodbye to your real estate agent if your setup isn’t working for you. You’ll get your money’s worth by working with the right people, so you have to be very wise in every step of the way.