There are those too, like this little bloke in France who got snapped by a Google street view van pissing in his own garden, who is miffed with the company for entirely different reasons. 

A man in a small French village got snapped by the StreetView car when he was taking a leak in his own garden. Why he was pissing in his own garden is, indeed a mystery, but in a small village where everyone knows everyone it wasn’t long till the word got around and the man in question became a laughing stock. Rather than just deciding to take it on the chin – and piss indoors from now on – he has decided to take it to the courts and sue Google itself. 

The man, who is believed to be from a village in the Maine-et-Loire region of France, is suing the internet giant for invasion of privacy and for publishing his photo without permission. 

The man’s lawyer – he has decided his name be kept a secret lest he become even more infamous – has said that the Frenchman in question has become an object of “ridicule”. 

Google’s lawyers have rebuffed this case though saying that the ‘pissing exhibitionist’s case is “implausible”. 

Funny, for sure, but he might have a case.

Photo: Getty.