Returning to the UK for another festival of memories is the hit comedy TV show  Friends that aired on Channel 4 until 2004.

The show, which tells the story of 20/30 somethings – Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe –  as they navigate their lives with work and love all around two New York apartments and a couch in Central Perk.

With Comedy Central UK, FriendsFest, has once again lined up all the iconic rooms and places featured in the 236 episodes the American series made. Whether you want to hang in the apartment where most of the gossip was always played out in the show, or head and have a coffee on the famous orange couch, it will all feature on the tour to bring back memories for fans.

The sold out event begins at Haggerston Park, Hoxton, on August 24 and finishes at Blenheim Palace on October 1:

HAGGERSTON PARK, HOXTON: 24 August –29 August

CHISWICK HOUSE & GARDENS: 1 September – 4 September

HYLANDS HOUSE, ESSEX: 7 September –11 September

HAREWOOD HOUSE, LEEDS: 14 September – 18 September

KNEBWORTH HOUSE, HERTS: 21 September –25 September