Thousands of people come to the UK to work, travel and explore – much like yourself, no? The attractive wages and employment regulations make this country a great place for international people to work, and while you are expected to pay tax, you may be paying too much and deserve a tax rebate.

This may sound like one big headache (you’re probably imagining hours on the phone, and pesky forms), but getting your tax rebate means you have extra funds to spend on something you’ve always dreamed of doing. TNT Taxback can help you do just that: get back what you’re owed and start a new adventure.

The UK is the perfect gateway to travel the rest of Europe, and with your tax refund, you could experience a whole lot more than you thought you could. Whether you do it in fragments, or go all out on one huge road trip, these are the destinations that are waiting for you…

Island Hopping in Croatia:

You can get to Croatia from London for just £200, and from there, hop along the Croatian coast to the popular and idyllic islands of Korcula, Hvar and Brac. Drenched in art and history with beautiful beaches and incredible landscape, this is a classic expedition for the enthusiastic traveller to learn about the country, its people and their taste for great cuisine. You can either tour them alone or join a group – either way, it’s a great way to spend your tax return.


To touch on your favourite countries in Europe, jumping on a train is a great way to travel from one to the next. A Global Pass starts from just £152 and includes travel in and between 30 European countries like France, Italy and Spain. If you can’t get rid of the travel bug, you can keep going for one continuous month from just £365. Imagine how much you could see along the way!

Travel Bulgaria:

Take your extra money and invest it in a trip to Bulgaria. Nestled between Turkey and Greece, Bulgaria has gone somewhat unnoticed in mainstream tourism, yet you can get there for as little as £100. This country has some of the most amazing beaches to visit in the summer, and the Black Sea coast offers training and equipment in sports such as surfing and diving. There is more adventure to be had in the mountains that cover a third of the nation’s territory; from horseback to climbing, you can explore every inch of the impressive formation of this underrated country.

Trip to Lisbon:

Not only is it extremely cheap to get to Lisbon, it’s also one of the cheapest cities in Europe and Western Europe’s least expensive capital, so your money will go a lot further. With a tax refund in your pocket, you can really explore the capital of Portugal, and as it’s so compact, there’s plenty to see and do when you have a limited travel time. With a mild climate and just a short walk to the nearest beach, you can enjoy the Belem Tower (Lisbon’s Eiffel Tower) in the morning, value-for-money shopping districts in the afternoon, and stylish yet welcoming bars in the evening.

Tour of Prague:

This is the place to really indulge and splash your tax refund cash. Renowned for its great beer (check out the Beer Factory in Wenceslav Square) and huge portions of local and worldwide cuisine, Prague is also the ideal location for exploring new sights. Prague Castle sits within 45 hectares and is the most important historical monument in the country, the seat of past Czech kings and now the President. You can also stroll along the famous Charles Bridge and climb the Petrin View Tower, inspired by Paris’ very own Eiffel Tower. You’re not going to need more than four days in the city, so you can let your hair down and enjoy your break without worrying about money – and at under £100 a flight, it’s certainly a trip to consider spending your tax back on.

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