Although traditional Gabonese food like manioc, fish and meat have a distinctive taste and is really delicious, it can almost only be found in the smaller villages.

In the cities the cuisine has strong French and continental influences and can be expensive. In fact, most restaurants serve Senegalese, Cameroonian and Congolese food and not Gabonese dishes at all.

In Libreville restaurants line the streets, especially in the Quartier Louis area.

An environmental tip: avoid eating “bushmeat”. Not because it is not appetizing, but because it is mostly illegal and encourages the slaughter of endangered animals such as crocodiles, porcupines, chimpanzees, snakes and even gorillas.


Régab is the national beer of Gabon. Brewed in Gabon since 1966, most locals drink it and those who have tasted it are quick to vouch that it is one of Africa’s best lagers.

Wine from all over the world is available in restaurants.


All water should be regarded as contaminated. Boil it first if you have to drink it, use it to brush your teeth or make ice.