Talk time: 4.45pm, Saturday, March 9, 2013
Talk title: Trans Siberian Railway and Beyond with Vodkatrain
Speaker’s name: Gabriela Rogati

Be inspired by the unique and fascinating destinations along one of the world’s greatest overland journeys. Gabriela will share highlights of the Trans Siberian Railway, the memorable experiences that our Honchos will help to create and the local interaction that you will encounter with Vodkatrain.

Why do you love to travel?
Travel is the only thing you spend money on that makes you richer! It’s always been my passion since young age and I have pursued it through studying and have visited lots and lots of countries – especially in the past five years.

Who would be your ideal travel partner and why?
My boyfriend because we have the same travelling style and interests, so we generally have a lovely time together, wherever we travel to – whether it is The 3 Peaks Challenge in UK, the Trans Mongolian Railway or a short break to Romania.

What was your favourite destination last year and why?
All the countries on the Trans Mongolian route! Such great cultures, amazing people, fantastic places.

Describe the most unusual situation you’ve found yourself in while travelling.
Travelling by ox cart along the Mongolian steppes last summer – a unique, unusual, adventurous and fun experience.

Name two up-and-coming destinations for 2013 and why.
Russia and Mongolia – word of mouth combined with some fantastic airfares to Russia means that the Trans Mongolian route is now a very popular way to travelling overland across Asia.

If you could return to any country you’ve been to, what would it be and why?
Definitely Mongolia – I fell in love with it after my two trips there – such a beautiful friendly country with so much to discover about it.

What’s the one thing you can’t travel without and why?
My phone – both communication and photos.

Give us an overview of what you’ll be discussing at the TNT Travel Show:
I’ll be sharing my experience and the highlights of travelling the Trans Siberian Railway and Mongolia with Vodkatrain. What there is to see, the amazing experiences and the great people that you will meet along the way.

Who will find your talk relevant?
Everyone! While our journeys offer great adventure travel for all ages, this talk would be more relevant for 18-35 y.o. as  we’ll be focusing on our Vodkatrain brand, but everyone will enjoy it.