What’s Nature’s Candy about?

When we were little, my mum didn’t give us sweets but a bowl of grapes saying, “this is nature’s candy”, like that was better. I get my sunshine from my mum.

She is so funny and without ever complaining.

How do you take life with a smile?

I instinctively look at the bright side when things go wrong in my own life – that’s my only option.

But I’ve realised I can make other people happy by putting a positive spin on the news, celeb stuff or their own experiences.

You’ve been on Jack Dee’s Don’t Sit In The Front Row – is he really that grumpy?

Yes, he is completely gangster. You couldn’t see under the desk but his chair was made entirely of kittens.

Where was your first show and how did it go?

In Toronto, Canada, on amateur night at the comedy club next to the Hooters where I was working.

I’d had an awful day at the restaurant and just walked over there in my uniform. Alone.

Nature’s Candy  Soho Theatre
W1D 3NE. Feb 4-6. £10+  
Tube | Tottenham Court Road