Colonel Gaddafi of Libya, in yet another defiant speech, has blamed foreign forces for the armed rebellion which threatens to end his 41 year rule.

Gaddafi said foriegn governments and al-Qaeda were behind the uprising in Libya as part of a plot to takeover Libya.

He also cited proof saying that his security forces had captured several foreigners during a raid.

“Yesterday, the mosque that the security forces regained power over, they had in this mosque, they had weapons and alcohol has well. Some of them come from Afghanistan, some of them come from Egypt, some of them come from Algeria, just to misguide our children,” he rambled.

His comments were made on State TV as government forces bombed the western city of Zawiya and intensified their campaign against rebels, attacking strongholds with planes, rockets and tanks.

Meanwhile Barack Obama and David Cameron last night agreed to plan for the “full spectrum of possible responses” on Libya.

The White House said Obama and Cameron agreed that an end to violence and the departure of Gaddafi  were high priorities to be achieved “as quickly as possible.”A White House spokesman confirmed they “agreed to press forward with planning… on the full spectrum of possible responses, including surveillance, humanitarian assistance, enforcement of the arms embargo, and a no-fly zone.”

The discussions ensue as Libya slips from Colonel Gaddafi’s grip into civil war.

Libyan forces loyal to Col Gaddafi stepped up their campaign against rebels, attacking strongholds on both sides of the country withi planes, rockets and tanks.

At least four air strikes were launched on the oil port of Ras Lanuf as the two sides fought across a front line close to oil export terminals.

“People are dying out there. Gaddafi’s forces have rockets and tanks,” said Abel Mohamed, 21, returning from the frnt line near Ras Lanuf. Gesturing to his light machine gun, he said: “You see this? this is no good.”

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