Colonel Gaddafi won’t step down, his daughter has revealed.

“The suggestion of Gaddafi stepping down is a provocation to all Libyans, Gaddafi is not in Libya but in the hearts of Libyans,” Aisha Gaddafi told a crowd in Tripoli.

She was speaking at an event marking the 25th anniversary of American strikes on Gaddafi’s base, the Bab al-Azizyah complex.

Her vow of defiance comes as Nato officials gear up for a second day of meetings to resolve divisions over the military campaign in Libya.

The French and British want intensified airstrikes against pro-Gaddafi’s forces to give the rebels a better chance of gaining the upper hand while other delegates worry that the allies are straying beyond their original goal to protect civilians.

Meanwhile Britain’s offensive has been held back by governement disorganisation which has resulted in a shortage of spare parts for fighter jets, leaving many stranded and has left RAF top brass without the training they need to take part in strikes against Gaddafi’s forces, The Mirror reveals.

Foreign Secretary William Hague has reportedly asked Nato to send more jets to make up the shortfall.

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