St Andrews students The Other Guys turned Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance into spoof Royal Romance and have stormed Youtube with the song about Kate Middleton and Prince William.

The Other Guys’ Royal Romance tells the heart-rending tale of unrequited love for Kate Middleton, who is already spoken for by future king of England, Prince William.

The a capella student band, from St Andrews – the university at which William and Kate first met – has been watched 70,000 times on Youtube since being uploaded at the beginning of the week.

Royal Romance includes the lines:

“I want your lovin’ just get rid of the prince you and me could write a bad romance.”

Referring to a bar frequented by Kate and William it continued: “Down in the Lizard, I saw you dancing, but crowning up to you was the future king.”

Watch The Other Boys Royal Romance here.


With a nod to the fashion show at which Kate Middleton apparently first caught William’s eye, Royal Romance warbles : “Walk, walk, fashion baby, she’s a regal catwalk lady, walk, walk, fashion baby, see-through dresses drive me crazy.”

Royal Romance was filmed at various locations near St Andrews University in Fife, Scotland including the Old Course, Castle Sands and St Salvator’s Quad.

The Other Guys have built up quite a cult following since getting together in 2004. A Capella crooners Henry Synge, Dave Borowsky, Ollie Boesen, Matthew Pattie, Andrew Pattie, Rob Baggott La Velle, Matt Hinckley, Mark Gregory, Richard Hanford, Iain Glen and Richard Phillips perform at various student events and put on regular gigs.

Youtube Comments about Royal Romance are largely admiring.

“Haaa this is brilliant! You legends,” said Charuzy.

“Just brilliant! Excellent parody, excellent direction and cinematography! Keep up the awesomeness,” agrees Tarawrh.

However there are dissenters.

“Ashamed that the public image of our university is privilege. Blergh,” wrote Jormungandur.