The body of deposed Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi was on display in a freezer in Misrata as the country celebrated their newfound liberation.

Libya’s transitional government Prime minister Mahmoud Jibril admitted he would have liked to have seen see Gaddafi put on trial, The Daily Mail reports.

“I want to know why he did this to the Libyan people,” Jibril said.

 “I wish I were his prosecutor in his trial, because this is the question in everybody’s mind: Why?”

“Did the Libyan people deserve what he did throughout 42 years of oppression, of killing, of everything?”

With no immediate plans for Gaddafi’s burial, some commentators have speculated that the fledgling country could descend into turmoil and armed infighting.

There has also been international concern about the circumstances under which Gaddafi was killed after video footage showed him injured and struggling at the hands of his rebel captors.

Gaddafi was found cowering hiding in a drain after fleeing his hometown of  Sirte.

Britain has urged the new Libyan government to investigate the killing of the despot.

Meanwhile Jubilant crowds waving the tri-color flag turned out in Benghazi to see transitional government leader Mustafa Abdul-Jalil deliver a keynote address declaring the liberation of Libya.

The announcement of “liberation” sets Libya on the path to democracy with set to go ahead within eight months.