The four year old seal reportedly spent over two months learning the dance routine, which has become the showpiece of her performance routine at a marine park in Southern China.

The seal’s trainer has said that her feat is all the more remarkable because “it isn’t easy for a seal to do horse riding movements”.

Psy who for many years was a name known only in his native South Korea exploded onto the global stage when his song Gangnam Style and the subsequent YouTube video became the most watched video on the website ever.

Indeed, for what most of us thought (and perhaps privately hoped) would be a one hit wonder, flash in the pan, 15 minutes of fame type thing for the Korean rapper has somehow blossomed into a career.

The Gagnam Style video has cracked the one billion views mark on YouTube, a feat never achieved previously by anyone in the history of the medium.

It is estimated, just on YouTube advertising alone that Gagnam Style has reaped Psy a cool $8 million…That doesn’t take into account all the other revenue streams that hateful song has opened up for him.

I mean really come on, people! He’s only got one song! He doesn’t even sing it live, he just does the stupid dance in those stupid sunglasses and that stupid jacket! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?!