Mitchell denied ‘using the words attributed to him’ following an apology yesterday, however the log, passed to the Daily Telegraph, quotes Mitchell as referring to the officers as ‘plebs’.

In the log, published in full, Mitchell allegedly became agitated after being told it was policy for cyclists to use the pedestrian exit.

“Mr Mitchell refused [to use the pedestrian gate]. Repeatedly stating he was the chief whip,” reads the police account.

“After being let through the gate the log claims Mr Mitchell said: ‘Best you learn your fucking place… you don’t run this fucking government… You’re fucking plebs’.”

He was then advised that should he continue to swear he would be arrested for a public order offence, whereupon Mitchell cycled off saying: “you haven’t heard the last of this,” according to the log.

David Cameron’s resistance to an inquiry into the incident was strengthened after police commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe wrote to Labour’s Yvette Cooper, saying that “In the light of the apology given, and also the fact that the officer concerned has accepted the apology and does not wish to pursue the matter further, the Metropolitan police commissioner reiterated that no further action would be taken.

“Given these circumstances, neither the prime minister nor I see any purpose in a further investigation.”

Scotland Yard is however investigating how the story came to the attention of the Sun.

The use of the word plebs has proved the most controversial element of altercation with opponents of the government suggesting that it is indicative of a broader Tory contempt for working people.

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