Living and working abroad is a unique experience, which can be extremely rewarding.

Whether you decide to work in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada or even closer to the UK, like work in Ireland or Dubai, each experience will be unique to the specific location you choose.

Before you decide where you want to work abroad, you need to consider your visa requirements, which will obviously depend on your nationality. If you carry an Australian or New Zealand passport, it is easy to work in either Australia of New Zealand, but if you carry a South African passport, you need expert visa and passport advice, visit SA Times.

Some of the other considerations will be the cost of living overseas, the overseas job market and where to live.

TNT has several working overseas guides in its working abroad section that will provide you with all the important information you need to help make your move successful.

At the moment there are work opportunities in New Zealand for skilled workers in the fields of education, health, information and communications, agriculture, engineering and trades. Australia also actively recruits skilled workers from overseas.
With natural resources including oil, coal, copper and gold, Canada – the world’s ninth largest economy – offers opportunities to work in Canada, and although the USA’s visa system might seem tricky, the USA attracts over a million immigrants a year to work in America.

Working in Dubai could be a real eye-opener, from its weird and wacky developments to a fabulous quality of life, while the Irish economy remained strong despite the global financial crises offering diverse opportunities for those willing to work hard.