Major airports including the Gatwick airport and Edinburgh airport are closed due to snow in Britain. Many trains have been cancelled and roads closed due to freezing conditions. Here’s the latest update on how weather conditions are affecting travel in the UK

Airport closures

  • Edinburgh airport is closed until 1800 on Dec 1.
  • Gatwick airport will be closed until least 0600 on Dec 2.
  • London City airport is experiencing delays and cancellations.
  • Durham Tess Valley Airport will remain closed for Dec 1.

If you’re travelling by air, check your airport before you leave.

Road travel advice

Snow and ice on the roads make driving dangerous and the Met office has released a public warning asking drivers to take care.

Drivers are warned not to drive in snow or ice unless the journey is essential and to check weather forecasts before travelling. If you do have to drive somewhere in the snow then allow extra time for your journey and drive with extra care. The Met office warning also alerts drivers to making sure their car is up to tackling the icy conditions. Drivers should ensure the tread on their tires is not worn down, that lights and windcreen wipers are working and that their car is topped up with anti-freeze.

Drivers should also remember that it takes 10 times longer to stop in snow or ice than on a dry road.For more travel news go to or

Train travel

Trains have been hit badly by the ice and snow. Passengers on a Southeastern train from Charing Cross to Orpington were stranded on the train all night when the power failed. Commuters told of wrapping themselves in clothes to keep warm as they waited on the dark train to be rescued. Other trains in the Southeast of England also experienced delays and breakdowns as the snow set in yesterday. A spokesman for Network Rail said: “We have done our best to keep trains running where we can, but in Kent particularly our efforts were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of snow.”

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