Those whitewashed houses with blue roofs to complement the Aegean expanses beyond, the dazzling sunlight and dramatically plummeting precipices – you will find them in Santorini, my friend.

The 18km-long isle is somewhat of a geological phenomenon. The Santorini ‘caldera’ or cauldron is a volcanic basin, formed from an eruption 3,500 years ago. This makes for a spectacular landscape and it’s tempting to do nothing but soak it all up with swim in the warm sea and a stretch on the dark sand by day and dinner and drinks in Fira (aka Thera or Thira) with spectacular views by night. But history buffs would do well to explore the Byzantine Empire monuments, basilicas, monasteries and ancient settlements. In the south, the once-buried Minoan city of Akrotiri, dubbed a Bronze Age Pompeii, has emerged from its heavy coat of volcanic ash and stone and is Greece’s best-preserved prehistoric city dating back to 1600BC. 

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