Senator Cory Bernardi warned that the campaign to alow couples of the same sex to marry was “another chip in the fabric of our social mores”

“The next step…is having three people that love each other should be able to enter into a permanent union endorsed by society, or four people.”

“There are even some creepy people out there, who say that it’s OK to have consensual sexual relations between humans and animals. Will that be a future step?” the senator warned, according to The Age.

John Faulkner of the Labor party disagreed, saying the debate was not about the value of marriage in society, “It is a debate on the simple question of whether it is right for a government to deny some of its citizens access to a secular, government-recognised status on the basis of the gender of the person they choose to share their life with.”

Senators in Austrlia are set to vote on the bill to legalise gay marriage this week.

Main image: YouTube