Midfielders Billie Smedts and Josh Caddy, above celebrating their round one win over Hawthorn, were seen by cops at about 5pm on  wearing the uniform of choice for cat burglars and 7/11 store thieves and attempting to break into a house.

The duo said they were trying to wind up their teammate Jackson Thurlow. Hilarious. But wait for it. 

They went to the wrong house!

A female neighbour of Thurlow’s called the police, who arrived, as they would, with full force and pointed guns at the wacky Cats. 

“We thought it would be a bit of laugh to scare Jackson Thurlow in his new house,” Caddy is quoted by the Herald Sun.

“Me and Billie are both disappointed that we scared people in the community.

An embarrassed Smedts said: “The club has dealt with it. The police have dealt with it. We are both sorry to that lady.”

Club media manager Kevin Diggerson told media no more action will be taken against the pair, who were issued with official police cautions.

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