Soho is commonly associated with London’s sleazier elements – and not without good cause – but there’s also a seriously cosmpolitan aspect, with the area boasting a growing reputation for great food and drink.

Indeed, Gerry’s may be London’s most famous bottle shop, offering an unparalleled range of wine and spirits. They stock more than 30 kinds of gin, for example.

Soho, of course, has long been steeped in drinking folklore, with plenty of famous boozehounds (think Oscar Wilde, Karl Marx) nursing their share of hangovers in its dimly-lit backstreets.

In becoming a Soho institution, Gerry’s has tapped into that cherished history of vice while attracting the more well-to-do set that consider themselves connoisseurs when it comes to grog.

GREAT FOR: Booze anoraks

» 74 Old Compton St, W1D 4UW 
Tube: Leicester Square

Words: Tom Sturrock