Get Him To The Greek – cinema review

Anyone who still thinks Russell Brand is little more than a legendary pantsman with a popstar fiancée will be pleasantly surprised by Get Him To The Greek.

Proving he’s got the acting chops to go with the comic timing that’s made him a stand-up star, Katy Perry’s fella is excellent in this predictable but fun brom-com.

Brand stars as Aldous Snow (a role he first played in Forgetting Sarah Marshall) a rock star who has fallen on hard times after releasing a stinker of an album and breaking up with longtime girlfriend Jackie Q (Rose Byrne).

Redemption arrives in the rotund form of record company intern Aaron (Jonah Hill) who convinces boss Sergio (P Diddy) to stage an Aldous Snow concert at the Greek Theatre in LA. Aaron has to fly to London and get the misbehaving hedonist to the gig within 72 hours.

After a cracking start featuring cameos from the likes of Pink and Christina Aguilera, Get Him To The Greek repeats the same gags over again as Aaron is violated at one party after another. Great performances save the day, though, with Hill, Byrne and even P Diddy all in fine form.

GOOD FOR: Those who like bum jokes.



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