Living in a trendy London townhouse might be beyond the means of many people but it is possible to recreate that feel in your own home with a bit of thought and planning.

It all starts with decoration and, in particular, the choice of wallpaper, with the increase in patterned and textured wallpaper seen over the past year or so set to continue.

The latest trends are for lots of very bold and colourful prints as well as geometric shapes and messy patterns – not just on walls but behind bookcases and sometimes as part of a feature wall.

Retro tiles are also now in vogue and not just in kitchens but in living rooms and other reception areas.

No capital house is complete without a home office and Mobel Oak office furniture is perfect for the London look.

With oak, mahogany, walnut and painted or reclaimed furniture available, it is easy to get that classy appearance without breaking the budget.

While the choice of desk should be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing, creating the whole office environment with bookshelves and storage cupboards is essential.

Why not introduce a ‘comfy’ area for some downtime, with sofas or armchairs perfect to complete the modern home office.

Creating the right look with the trending colours is important and burgundy is currently making a comeback along with dark grey and pastel pink.

Emerald green and burnt orange will also adorn the walls of many properties in the leafy suburbs but there are no real rules to choosing paint colours and, with the right combinations, stunning effects can be created.

The retro theme can continue with accessorising, which is a stylish and fun way to put the finishing touches to your home.

The addition of trees and plants, especially organic ones, into a townhouse will help bring it to life and there are many companies that can help in that respect.

Palm trees and rubber plants are back in fashion so don’t be scared to experiment to get the right balance between nature and fashion.

Wood flooring is also big in London at the moment and can certainly add a touch of class to a house, with bespoke coloured wood all the rage.

There is also a trend for old wooden floors mixed with stone and ceramic tiles while for those who like a more modern feel, why not try marble ceramic floors with photographic imagery?

A lot of time is spent in the living room, with the fireplace the obvious focal point, and more and more people are choosing to replace their old fire surround.

But it does not have to be at the expense of the older look as there are many creations that combine the traditional and modern to make it look chic.

Artwork will complete the look of any apartment or townhouse and, while this is clearly very personal, try to stay on trend, with fantasy art making a comeback.

The likes of Salvador Dali might have seemed a bit of cliché a few years ago but not anymore and would be an excellent choice to round off the London look.