Based on the annual City RepTrak study by the Reputation Institute, Australia’s iconic harbour-side metropolis beat every rival to be crowned the world’s most reputable city. Based on factors such as trust, admiration and respect, as well as attributes like safety and gastronomy, Sydney broke Europe’s usual dominance of the study with a whopping 77.4 points on a 100-point scale.

Toronto came in second place (76.9), followed by Stockholm (76.9), Vienna (76.9) and Venice (75.8), while the infamous big names – like New York, Paris, Tokyo and Dubai – barely registered a blip. And how did London fare? The world’s most expensive city just made it into the top 10, slipping into 9th place with 74.4 points. So, what’s Sydney got that London doesn’t? Clearly it takes more than size and stature to build a good name amongst visitors.

London is famous for its iconic landmarks – think Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge – its sprawling urban parks and its notoriously cloudy weather. Sydney on the other hand has the famous Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, as well as spectacular beaches on its doorstep and weather that allows you to use them most of the year. For tourists, the things that matter most when choosing a place to visit are often the climate, city sights, places to eat, cultural festivals, shopping opportunities, and the general attractiveness.

With this in mind, Expedia has come up with the infographic below, which puts the two cities head to head in these categories…fiiiight!


London vs. Sydney

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