Less than 2% of the world’s population are blessed with ginger locks and at a festival in Breda, Holland they all get the chance to gather together.

Many of the festival attendees from all over Europe chose to wear green, perhaps as a nod to Irish heritage.

Festival organiser Bart Rouwenhourst told the BBC a tale of flame-haired love blossoming between festival goers “A girl and a boy from Germany wrote me an email. They met here at the festival. They both have red hair and they come back every year. This is wonderful.”

The festival, officially known as ‘Roodharigan’ was attended by around 1,400 gingers from 52 countries and took over Breda city centre in Grote Markt square.

Events included large group photo shoots, fashion shows and ladies dressing as mermaids in a tribute to the Disney classic The Little Mermaid.

Roodharigan’s official website promises that “walking in the middle of all these redheads is really something special.”

Main images: AP on YouTube/Thinkstock