A five-year-old girl and a 35-year-old man have been seriously injured after a shooting incident in Brixton late last Tuesday.

The girl and the man, unrelated, are currently in critical but stable condition in a south London hospital.

The shooting occurred at the Stockwell Food & Wine Shop on Stockwell Road in Brixton, south London at around 21:15 BST on Tuesday evening.

Allegedly, the shopkeeper had a row with a group of youths, who were then kicked out of the shop. Witnesses say they saw the youths return to the store after being banned. Shots were fired, and the young girl and man were hit accidentally.

The row of shops involved in the crime scene have been roped off, and Stockwell Green Court, an access road behind the main road, was also sealed off by the police.

Police have said they are keeping an open mind as to the motive, but Brixton has had a long history with gang problems.

Peter Robbins, a Lambeth councillor who represents the area where the crime occured, said: “It is incredibly shocking, I think the whole community at the moment is numb and horrified, and rightly so.

“There is a fairly well-known problem with gangs and guns in Lambeth, it is something that the council and the police are working together incredibly hard to solve. Obviously, there is always more you can do and incidents like this really bring that home.”