A young woman shattered her leg in four places when a 200-foot bungee jump went wrong.

Katie Redhead, a 22-year-old mother, broke her left femur in four places, apparently because her safety harness was fastened too tight.

“She said the harness was too tight and her foot was going blue, but the man just said, ‘don’t worry,” said Redhead’s boyfriend.

However David Holland, the owner of the bungee jump company, Bungee Adrenaline, denied this, saying:

“We were not aware of the harness being too tight. It cannot really be too tight for this kind of jump.”

Onlookers said they could hear a crack and Redhead screaming as her leg broke.

“Paramedics had to fill her with morphine because her left femur was fractured in four places,” said her boyfriend.

Katie took part in the bungee jump to raise money for Help for Heroes, a charity for armed forces.

This is the first bungee jump accident the company has had in 18 years, according to the owner of Bungee Adrenaline.