What’s the show about?

It’s about getting older and everything that involves … body changes; not becoming your parents; becoming middle class, but not wanting to.

There should be a handbook on this shit – teenagers get advice for their raging hormones, people in their thirties should have help with how to extricate yourself from boring dinner parties.

Weirdest on stage moment?

I crowded surfed at Bestival once…that was pretty surreal.

Funniest thing you have seen this week?

A lady with ‘go faster’ stripes on her mobility scooter.

How do you deal with hecklers?

I drown them out like a sack full of unwanted kittens. Or I just go out with them.

Most embarrassing onstage moment?

I once fell over on my way to the mic stand, that still gives me nightmares.

 99 Club, WC2H 7LE, July 28. £15
 Leicester Square | 99clubcomedy.com
Uncomfortably Numb at Underbelly | Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Aug 2-26

 Edinburgh | edfringe.com

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