What’s this week’s show about?

Put it this way guys, political dictatorships should be pretty nervous right now … because Aisling Bea is about to TELL IT LIKE IT IS! Not really. General whimsy, I suppose.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen?

A pigeon eat its way into the middle of a slice of bread so the bread got stuck. He had a bread picture frame round his face. Pigeons are my enemy, so I laughed hard and true at this delicous taste of schadenfreude.

Who inspired you to pick up a mic?

I started working as an actor with The Comedians Theatre Company, run by Phil Nichol and Maggie Inchley.

I have lots of friends who are stand-ups, so I suppose I got some gentle kicks up the arse from them. It was building up the nerve to just do it. Oh and Jesus – he really had a big hand in it.

Tell us a joke …

How do you make an apple puff? Chase it round the garden. Thank you very much, I’ve been Aisling Bea!

Knock2Bag Presents, Rich Mix.
Mar 28. 7pm. £10   E1 6LA  
Station | Shoreditch High Street  


Photo: Karla Gowlett