What’s the show about this week?

Me! I used to be a one-liner guy, until I did a gig the day I split up with my girlfriend. I just talked about being dumped – and got the best laughs of my entire career. I’ve been plagiarising my life ever since.

Who is your comedy hero?

Scott Capurro! He’s incredibly fearless – he’s banned from a whole bunch of clubs, and you’re never more than 20 seconds from a cracking punchline. 

What’s the funniest thing you have ever seen?

I once saw a man slip on a banana skin. In real life. 

What’s your favourite joke?

“It’s incredible to think, but every single Scotsman started off as a Scotch egg.  Small and gingery.” I think of that Milton Jones line every time I have a picnic. 

What’s the biggest myth about being a stand-up?

That we’re brave. I’ve had soldiers just back from Afghanistan telling me that, and it’s nonsense.

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