What’s this week’s show about?

The show this week is not actually a themed show – as a solo gig would be – it’s just a straight-up stand-up comedy show.

What has been your strangest show so far?

Once, a while back, I was warming up for a TV appearance and doing a gig with a lot of newer comedians. Every single one of them went on stage and imitated Frankie Boyle – and imitated him very badly!

It was just an extremely uncomfortable night for everyone, because they threatened to rape various members of the audience.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen this week?

It’s always funny when people get trapped in the doors of the Tube! Always, always, always.

Which comedians inspired you to become a stand-up in the first place?

People like Chris Rock inspired me to become a stand-up, and Paul Merton as well.

ROFL and LOL The Finsbury,
336 Green Lanes, N4 1BY.
Sept 26. Free
Tube | Manor House