What’s the strangest show you’ve ever done?

I once did a gig in Melbourne where I was heckled by a stripper who was completely naked apart from a thong and a giant panda head.

She was running around everyone screaming, “We need to shag before I become extinct! You are a man, I am a Panda, we’ll make a Manda!”

That didn’t happen, I made it up.

Who inspired you to pick up a mic?

If I told you that, you’d know who I was ripping off. 

You’ve said the ‘exploitation of art for profit’ is to blame for comedy’s current state …

The deregulation of the stock exchange and capitalism spiralling out of control means people realised that their wealth and greed was limitless. 

Which comedian is most true to the spirit of stand-up?

I’m not the moral authority on comedy, I just know what’s wrong.

By the same token you don’t have to be the authority on frying pans to know it’s wrong to hit kids with them.

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