What’s the show about?

C U In Court is the true story of how I obsessively fought French Connection (FCUK) for my right to wear my Cnut T-shirts on stage. It exposes the double standards, intimidation and ruthlessness of giant corporations.

What’s been the most surprising reaction to your story?

Balls Of Steel host Mark Dolan saw my show and said it was as important to see as Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me! When did you decide to take this story to the stage? I was asked to do a lecture for the University of Westminster’s Law Department in February on my legal battle with French Connection. The feedback was that it would make a good Edinburgh Show, so here I am! 

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen?

My mother’s cat once jumped on the back of a pheasant. When it fell off she tried to catch it and she was scratched to death. Not literally. But she was scratched. 

C U In Court  Etcetera Theatre, NW1 7BU.
June 15. £5  
Tube | Camden  

Lee Hurst’s Backyard Comedy Club, E2 0EL. July 7. £13  
Tube | Bethnal Green