What’s the show about?

I set out for it to be a general hour of funniness but as I’ve written it, it’s increasingly become about my social no man’s land between married friends having kids, and the necessity to have a younger social group so I can go out without a year’s planning.

Who’s your comedy god?

Jerry Seinfeld, Alan Davies was the first comedian I ever loved and Micky Flanagan rules this decade.

What’s the funniest thing you have seen?

Years ago at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival I turned up to leaflet on the Royal Mile to find two of the comics I was doing the show with helpless with laughter in a doorway – they were watching the worst street performers you’ve ever seen.

Once I realised what they were laughing at I joined them on the heap on the floor. We must have sat there for four hours solid.

What advice would you give someone starting out?

Don’t, you’ll hate it. Get a proper job with a pension. Who needs to have competition, anyways?

Bloomsbury Theatre  WC1H 0AH. Nov 9. £14 
Tube | Euston Square