You’re the MC at the Camden Comedy Sessions – what’s the show all about?

Philosophically, it’s about giving young comics a forgiving space to grow. But generally our values go out of the window and we wind up plunging them straight into a cauldron of hate.

What is the funniest thing you’ve seen this week?

I saw a very old man trying to dress for summer, wearing knee-high woollen socks and 30-year-old khakis.

When was the Sessions’ first show and how did it go?

Our first show here was last year and it was filled with 16-year-old Australian scouts drinking lemonade. This was a frightening exprience as a compere, as I know nothing about camping, tents or woggles.
Who is the funniest person you have met in your life?

My Dad, but he is only retrospectively funny. He is growing onions in his second- floor living room. Not only is he funny, but he actively encourages funny smells, too.

Camden Comedy Sessions Camden Head, NW1 0LU.
Sept 11. 7.30pm 
Tube | Mornington Crescent