What’s your show all about?

Oh, utter nonsense I’d imagine. I can tell you what it is certainly not going to be about – internet dating. I’ve just got back from the Edinburgh Festival after doing a show there about that for 27 nights on the trot, so that’s put that to bed.

What’s the funniest thing you have seen this week?

A penguin parade, seriously.

What’s the most embarrassing onstage moment you’ve had?

Getting booed off the stage at Jongleurs once. I said I wasn’t going to leave until everyone booed me.

Apparently, though, as it turned out, that wasn’t much of a problem for most of them. Where was your first show and how did it go? Knock2bag in West London.

I did just three minutes out of the five I was supposed to do but it went well. I just couldn’t remember all my stuff, though, and I was super-nervous.

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September 20. 7pm. £5
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