Festival-goers woke to heavy rain this morning after overnight showers left parts of the site resembling a mud bath.

Weather warnings have been issued for Friday and Saturday so, if you’re there, we hope you packed some wellies and plenty of dry clothes.

According to the Met Office it’ll be a wet weekend with showers approaching from the Atlantic which will fall with such pace that the mud situation will only get worse (that’s despite organisers spending thousands on flooding prevention over the past few years).

We’re going to enjoy Glasto from the comfort of our nice warm homes, with a cold beer, and watch the highlights on TV… maybe we’ll even have a shower, just to rub it in (We’re not bitter we’re not there… honest).

The first acts have already started and more than 175,000 people will descend on Worthy Farm over the next three days.

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These festival-goers are prepared (lovely pink wellies!)

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Poncho makers will look to cash in but these guys don’t mind

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By contrast these revellers look less than impressed. Cheer up!

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