Caulfield Park, Melbourne, is the forbidden location for Frisbee players without a licence, Australina newspapers reported today.

School boys, including 17-year-old Yoav Silverstein, would regularly get together on Fridays for some Frisbee action, until the ban came in.

The teenagers were shocked when they were told by an official from the local government that they would have to pay $120 (£76.8) for a one off permit to lob their plastic disc around. For a six month permit it would cost over $300 (£192).

Silverstein explained: “It’s just a bunch of guys who text each other or go on Facebook – different people show up every week,” reported

“It’s like going to the park and playing soccer with some friends, it’s not an organised game.”

Silverstein plans to ignore the ban and show up on Fridays as usual. His Dad also thought the ban was a bit bonkers.  “They’re just kids at the end of the school week doing something better than going down to the pub and drinking,” Michael Silverstein was quoted on

Councillor Michael Lipshutz explained that the ban on organise sport had been created during a drought.

Lipshutz said: “Given that the drought is now finished, council will have a look at it again and act sensibly,” reported The Australian.

The Frisbee chucking matter is currently being investigated.

Image: Getty