Johnson said Evra probably “stayed up all night” concocting a plan to get Suarez into trouble.

Liverpool are furious that one of their players has brought the issue back out into the daylight, after the days of conjecture that followed the incident.

Dalglish has refused to comment on the interview, which Johnson gave to the Daily Mail without the club’s permission as part of his promotional work for the England sticker collection for kids.

“Evra was clever at Old Trafford. Luis didn’t shake his hand because Evra’s hand was down there,” said Johnson.

“What else is Luis supposed to do? Would you go to shake someone’s hand if their hand is way down there by their side? Course not.

“But then, because Luis didn’t do it, Evra has pulled him back by his arms as he walked on, as if to say to everybody: Look, I want to shake he had an he didn’t.

“Evra probably stayed up all night thinking about how to do that. The whole thing was ridiculous.”

He also said the original charge of racism against Suarez was unjust.

“The evidence was Luis’s word against Evra’s. I’m not saying Evra is lying but it’s his word against Luis’s, isn’t it? 

“So how did it all turn out to be so strong in Evra’s favour? I work with the lad every day. There is no way he said that.

“With the media these days and the way it was going to be blown up, maybe the T-shirts thing wasn’t the right thing to do. 
“How should I say this? We wore them to show our support for Luis. It wasn’t to send a message to everyone else. It was just for him.

“It seemed to come across that we were making a point. We weren’t. It was the club’s idea. But obviously we all agreed. 
“We didn’t really think about how people would react,” he added.

Johnson even went so far as to accuse former Manchester United and Ireland centre half Paul McGrath of racism, after McGarth criticised Johnson for wearing the t-shirt in support of Suarez.

“The McGrath thing … that’s actually racist. Saying what he said is racist. He is only saying that to me because I was the only black lad wearing the T-shirt. He’s targeting me because of my colour,” said Johnson.

McGarth, who is mixed-race, responded on Twitter on Thursday, saying he was saddened that Johnson had called him a racist.

Talking about his public support for Suarez on Twitter Johnson said: “It was nice for him to see his team-mates supporting him, I guess. But what people don’t appreciate is that these things stick with people and it can ruin careers.

“He could get almost forced out of Liverpool. He’s a good lad and a fantastic player and all he wants to do is get on and play football.

“I can’t understand how people don’t get that in his culture the word ‘negro’ or ‘negrito’ is genuinely normal.

“Just because he’s out of his country he is not going to stop using his mother tongue. If we went to another country, we would use our slang, wouldn’t we?

“I can’t see why somebody can get in trouble for using his culture in another country.

“I work with him every day. I know what he is like. Other people don’t. I will not change my view,” he said.

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