But Jamie Oliver snapped back at an Australian reporter’s comments about his weight gain this week, calling her a “bitch”.

When the reporter questioned him over whether he’d filled out a bit, the 36-year-old father-of-four said: “I don’t know. I am very healthy. I think the last time I had a filling in my teeth, which was quite recently, I was in good nick. But really, I am not really sure.

“Are you from a tabloid? Thank you for noticing, you bitch.”

It wasn’t clear whether or not Oliver was joking when he made his remarks, but he admitted he wasn’t thinking straight after “a few drinks” the night before.

He said: “I went out last night and had a few drinks after a very long day, (and) my brain did not quite understand that question.”

Over the last few days, Oliver has received jibes from Australians over Twitter, calling him a “hypocrite for being flabby with huge double chins”.

He explained that he works out and tries to watch his weight.

He said: “I do my best. Working in the food business is quite hard when someone is constantly asking you to try things.

“I eat fresh. I train twice a week. I could definitely do better, but I am trying to do my best like most people when they hit 30.”

His US spokeswoman Kimberly Yorio insisted that Oliver’s weight has stayed the same.

She said: “I can say for a fact he hasn’t gained any weight. They were bad pictures.”