A 16 year old girl has made an unexpected find while lake-swimming in the German Alps – a 500g (17.6oz) bar of gold.

Police are trying to work out where the gold bar comes from and how it got into the Koenigssee lake, which is a popular tourist destination near Berchtesgaden on the German border with Austria.

The teenager, who was on holiday, found it about two metres (6.5ft) under the surface on 7 August and handed it in to police.  She’s obviously a very good swimmer then.

Divers have carried out a thorough search of the area around where the bar was found, but did not find any more gold or other valuables.

This story has surfaced (pardon the pun) a few days after an off-duty Florida policeman found £12 million pounds worth of cocaine wrapped up in a rubbish bag while fishing in the gulf of mexico.  The officer, who is not being named for safety reasons, also handed his discovery in.