Daintree Dreaming
Rich Aboriginal history and culture comes to life with this authentic indigenous experience. Taking in the scenic coasts, tours also flit through Cooya Beach, which is a traditional fishing ground of the Kuku Yalankji people. Made up of three diverse ecosystems, visitors have the chance to get to grips with Aboriginal hunting techniques, such as spear throwing and tracking fish. Daintree Dreaming also includes a visit to the world’s oldest living rainforest (and World Heritage site) of the Daintree National Park, where visitors have a chance to learn more about the Kuku Yalanji culture and traditions, as well as the rainforest’s thriving eco system.

Mitai Maori Village
Mitai Maori Village gives travellers an authentic introduction to the Maori culture. This sacred place offers an indigenous cultural experience within a natural bush setting. Suitable for families, backpackers and solo travellers, the village lets people get up close and personal with warriors in traditional dress paddling an ancient warrior canoe down the Wai-o-whiro stream, as well as traditionally cooked hangi meat being lifted from the ground. The cultural performance also teaches more about the Mairi’s past, carvings and tattoo art, with displays of weaponry, combat and the poi dance.

The Rock Tour
The Rock Tour is Australian and Northern Territory owned and is as Aussie as you will find in Australia. The tour, which takes in Alice Springs, Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon, is the end result of years of planning and 20 years’ experience in the tourism industry.  The Rock Tour has won the Golden Backpack Award for “The Best Tour in the Northern Territory” six out of seven years.

Tamaki Maori Village Rotorua

Located on the outskirts of Rotorua, the traditional Tamaki Maori Village welcomes guests in via a formal, sacred ceremony. Inside the village’s fortifications, travellers are treated to talks about Maori art forms and traditions, as well as displays of weaponry, weaving and crafts. Traditional songs and dances are performed for travellers, while a feast or authentic Maori Hangi meal rounds off the visit. Want more? You even have the opportunity to stay the night, as well as indulge in hands-on interactive experiences around and about the village.

Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park
Enabling guests to immerse themselves in traditional Tjapukai culture, the Park brings travellers face-to-face with authentic music, dance and storytelling. Founded more than 25 years ago, Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park is Australia’s largest Indigenous cultural park. It also has a spot in the Guinness Book of Records as Australia’s longest running stage show. Aboriginal performers bring the culture to life via interactive activities, from didgeridoo playing to boomerang throwing. Day and night-time celebrations take place seven days a week, while special events such as weddings or cocktail parties can also be held on-site.  

Whakarewarewa Thermal Village Tour
Since the early 1800s, the Tuhourangi/Ngati Wahiao people have welcomed visitors into their homes for demonstrations on the use of their natural geothermal surroundings. The tradition continues with daily tours around the living Maori village, situated in Rotorua. Tour guides who have lived on the site for more than five generations take travellers through the village’s history, telling stories of their culture. Before you leave, make sure you check out the traditional Maori Hangi meal, steamed and cooked using geothermal vents. You can also stay on-site, either in the village or on the naturally formed campsite surrounded by native bush and breath-taking scenery – and, of course, natural hot springs under the sand to provide a warm relaxing swim.